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(Posted by Gav on Year 13 Day 199 20:58)

After a long while, I've rejuvenated the NPC Team from its dark days.

To celebrate this success, we've put together an NPC Renaming Event, hence the title!

This months theme is adding a personalised "Rank" to your NPC. This will be permanant, and irreversable. The NPC Team has the right to deny the change of name for any NPC if it is deemed inappropriate.

This event will only last 7 Days (End: Day 205, 21:00 CGT)

As usual, there are certain restrictions to what you can request. These are as follows:

- NPC Must be XP Level 3, with 3000 experience points (XP)
- You can submit a request for 6 individual NPC's only
- Must be a Military NPC.
- Only able to submit a "rank" for said NPC
- The NPC Rank will be formatted will be formatted as the following example: Commodore Gavin von Ismay --- (Rank) (NPC Name)

To request the change for your NPC, please use THIS FORM

If you have any problems, or queries, or the such, please DM either Myself (Gav) or Ellias Aubec.

Edit: End Date

Edit2: Please do not request nickname-esq stuff please - this is for adding a rank such as 'General', 'Praetorian', 'Guard' etc. Using ranks from atypical groups/countries etc is fine, but asking for things like 'Ghosty', or 'Hounddog' is not allowed.  

(Edited by Ellias Aubec on Year 13 Day 199)