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(Posted by Arete on Year 13 Day 207 17:24)

Calling all item and droid producers!  Calling all innovators!

People will always associate the big things like Death Stars and Star Destroyers with the Star Wars Universe, however it's also a lot of the little things that really create the "Star Wars" experience such as droids, carbon freezing, and restraining bolts.  Therefore, in order to improve the immersion of the interaction between players and their environment i'd like to hear from you the players.

Now, i'm sure everyone and their mother has all sorts of idea so to helpfully bring about some filtration on this, i'm specifically interested in hearing from those players who have relevant experience in droid and/or item production and use or those of you with relevant innovations (such as Tolando Krieg's use of the TT-8L Sentry Droid positioned in a facility that generated an event-timer of racers in his "Krieg's Run" race).  However any thoughtful, insightful and well-thought suggestions will be considered.

Existing examples of entity item integration:

  • Keycards opening doors
  • Doors installed via Toolkits
  • Bacta Tanks in Medical Rooms

Some idea we've brainstormed on our end that you can use as inspiration, improve upon, or dismiss -

Security Cameras

  • We could add "security cameras" to rooms and make it so "entering/leaving" room events are only added if security cameras are present
  • Plenty of (currently useless) items could be transformed into surveillance equipment, lots of binoculars/thermal goggles and similar
  • Uses of droids in this capacity, such as the above-mentioned use by Tolando Krieg of the TT-8L

Emplacement of Storage Containers into Entities

  • Things like safes and lockers
  • When locked into place, they triple in volume and weight capacity (sacrifice mobility for space)
  • When locked into place, they can be locked like doors. If locked, cannot view or access contents
  • They cannot be "undeployed", except by the owner and if they are removed they are destroyed

Tracking Devices!

  • Runs for random (30-180) days after activation
  • Reports location of whatever it's attached to
  • Allow attaching to any ships, vehicles, droids at same location

Facility-related uses, such as the Training Academy

  • Allow "training" of NPCs (e.g. they train for 7 days and get some XP or upgrade their skill level depending on length of time [7 days first level, 14 days second, 21 third, 25 fourth, 31 fifth)
  • If NPCs equipped with projectile weapons could "train" against military-droids
  • cannot disband squad during training, so encourages ground command skill to allow more concurrent training sessions

Carbon Freezing!

  • Crafting of a carbon-freezing chamber
  • You can install it into a tibanna mine and then freeze arrested people in carbonite
  • could also use some tibanna in the process
  • If we ignore the unfreezing we could make custom items out of people and make the execute step (of A/E) cooler

Production Modifiers

  • LIN Droid already reduces collapses in Mining code - what other droids could be used in similar ways?
  • Smelter droid in recycling entities?  Pit droid in factories?

Credit Chips

  • Allow characters to go to an ATM or Bank facility and withdraw X credits as a "Credit Chip" item
  • Perhaps make it easier by having "denominations" of 1m, 100k, 10k, 1k?
  • People could use these credits like "cash" or for "dead drops"
  • Transfers could still be made like normal, but they would be considered "online" or "account transfers"
  • Characters can take gathered credit chips to banks and ATMs (managed/operated by banking factions) to deposit them into their account


Please e-mail your suggestions to Arete@swcombine.com


*No kittens were harmed in the making of this simnews.  

(Edited by Kelmanis Vaan on Year 13 Day 207)