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(Posted by Zhao Yun on Year 13 Day 252 13:17)

- It is now possible to repackage medical items. [If a counterfeit item is packed with non-counterfeit items, it will corrupt the entire batch making them all counterfeit]
- Player and Faction owned Creatures can now gain XP.
- Creatures will now regain a small amount of HP each day just like characters and NPCs.
- A droid has been added to the NPC shop to allow for new players to engage in party combat. [K-4 Security Droid]
- Items that are dropped by Bandits or Creatures that are left on the surface of a planet and are not claimed will now be destroyed after 3 weeks. [This will apply retroactively]

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
- The HP Equation has been modified to place a larger emphasis on a higher strength skill. This is not a final change, as we will continue to juggle the HP equation while work to balance out ground combat. [Strength will also determine how much HP you get at level up. This is applied retroactively so upgrading the skill at level 1 or level 10 will not affect your final HP]
- The weight and volume of creature trophies have been adjusted to allow for players to actually pick them up.
- Fixed a bug causing deleted goods to remain on the market.
- Droids are also 5x stronger now to make them more worthwhile. Their Material Requirements will remain the same however to keep them cost effective.

(Edited by Zhao Yun on Year 13 Day 252)