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(Posted by Zhao Yun on Year 13 Day 303 21:40)

Tonight, after many an anxiety attack and much tea, I managed to complete the update to Production 2.0. This was probably one of the largest updates we've done in years, due to the sheer amount of data that had to be migrated over to our new systems.

Not only will you notice a new interface, but production itself has been streamlined to be less tedious when it comes to managers and/or operators not being around when they should be.

With this change, we've also completely removed a few of the old JavaScript libraries we used to use on SWC. Most of the Site has been updated to use new libraries, but if there are any problems, please feel free to report them to the bugbase.

There were also several bugfixes that I'm too tired to find right now... So, yeah!


Note: All Actions will show as being at 0%, but will still only take as long left to produce as they were going to take beforehand. This is due to the timers all thinking they started from the moment I synced.

Super Note: Ever the Genius, I realise I forgot to update the production rules. I will do that promptly and remove this line when I'm done.