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(Posted by Elijah Shoryyhn on Year 13 Day 314 10:49)

Many have noticed and I must apologize for my abscense on the descriptions front. To make up for it I have dedicated some of my precious vacation time to finishing up all open descriptions. They have now been uploaded and CPs awarded. Special thanks to my team for the great work accomplished, and both their and the authors' patience!

- Arquitens Light Cruiser (Special Community Project)
- Ruusan
- Nuna
- Vacuum Survival Backpack
- SE-14 Blaster Pistol
- Hide Armour
- Binders
- Rebel Snow Armour
- Nimban
- Ishi Tib
- Banvhar Asteroid Belt

Now that the Descriptions Suggestions and Team forums have been cleaned out we're ready to accept descriptions for the new CP Vehicles only. Threads have been posted for each to coordinate community efforts. This is a contest and as such all participants will be rewarded based on their contribution and the amount awarded will be doubled!

Please also note that in the Descriptions Suggestions forum there are two threads titled "Minor Editing Requests." These were created to facilitate quick fixes of errors in current descriptions. A common example would be a planet which was renamed and moved during the galaxy shift and its description still referencing its former name. I'm placing the Descriptions Team Leader in charge of supervising both threads and updating the descriptions as they are brought to our attention. He will start with current posts here shortly. I will also give a 250 - 500 CP reward for these corrections. These threads are for descriptions only as we are unable to update the rules pages.

May the Force be with you!