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(Posted by Veynom on Year 13 Day 332 11:47)

The SW Combine administration is looking for Online Marketing Director. Reporting directly to the Sim Master and working closely with the Public Relations Direction, the Online Marketing Director’s role is to increase the visibility of the SW Combine over the Internet as a whole and more specifically throughout online gaming and Star Wars communities.

Practically, the OMD will be responsible for the top sites management (selecting top sites to register SWC, maintaining updated description about SWC, communicating news when necessary), the SWC social network accounts (FaceBook, G+, Twitter), pushing relevant SWC news toward specialised gaming website of interest … (list is not exhaustive)

Finally, the OMD will need to assess the current situation regarding online presence of SWC, propose a plan to improve it along with ways to measure progress.

Experience in more than one of the following areas is required:

  • Ability to write text and news digest;
  • Experience in managing a social network fan or commercial section (Facebook, G+, or Twitter);
  • Knowledge of Google Analytics tools;
  • Experience in web promotion of a website;
  • Knowledge of Search Engine optimisation;
  • Experience with a wiki.

The candidate must also available regularly on mIRC to communicate with the rest of the team. The candidate will be able to keep his character if selected.

Last but not least, we estimate that this position might require quite a lot of time during the first 2 to 3 months with the workload decreasing after.


If so please mail your candidacy to veynom@swcombine.com before Y 13 D 339. Include your CV (resume) and/or any relevant info (including handle and SWC experience) along with a few lines explaining why you think we should select you.


(Edited by Veynom on Year 13 Day 335)