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(Posted by Jesfa on Year 13 Day 339 23:14)

On Monday the 29th of October, Hurricane Sandy decided to make landfall somewhere in New Jersey and take me offline, I'm now back, safe and sound. My thoughts go out to those that are in more dire straights than I, and I hope that any combiners that are still being affected by this are also safe and well.

Now that I'm back, I'd also like to dispel the rumour that Jesfa "fixed combine with code"... Because he's a liar...! last night I received a text from Jesfa, resulting in a phone call that had me walk him through the process of fixing SWC. Clearly not even a hurricane means I can take some time off...

WooHoo!  I fixed combine with code!

Should be all set and working, there may be something wonky with patrols, but I think its working correctly.



Who needs sin!


If there's any issues, hopefully Sin;s internet will be backin a few days and he can fix everything.  

(Edited by Zhao Yun on Year 13 Day 340)