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(Posted by Gav on Year 13 Day 343 4:57)

The Star Wars Combine Administration apologises for the inconvenience caused by the recent downtime (6th November - 7th November 2012).

This was due to our database server (Where all of the information, ships, vehicles, actions, etc are stored), going down at 19:30 GMT last night. The server has been restarted, and everything should be back to normal now.
We are still looking into the source of the problem, but we may have to disable features which have caused the two bouts of downtime in the last week.

Thank you for bearing with us, whilst we sort out these problems.

Actions may have continued as normal during this downtime, but if you have any problems, please either open a support ticket or bug report.  

(Edited by Gav on Year 13 Day 343)

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