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(Posted by Zhao Yun on Year 13 Day 351 11:45)

Ladies and Gents, sorry for the lack of information on our progress of late, but things have been a tad hectic. I've just performed a small update to hopefully fix a few bugs as well as add some additional content. Most of our recent changes have been made with combat in mind, and we're so very close now that hopefully we'll have something in the next two weeks for you to play with.

- Added an additional Utility slot to allow for more diverse actions in combat.
- Added an additional Privilege for Combat Events.
- NPC Patrol has been re-enabled. NPCs now also have a random chance of taking a rest at each patrol point (between 30 minutes to 2 hours). NPCs will have a 50% chance of resting, and can rest again after a previous rest. This has been done for two reasons, to slow the amount of XP being gained from setting NPCs to Patrol, and also to reduce the load on the server.
- Re-assigning NPCs/Droids/Vehicles/Ships to another person or to no one will remove them from their party and will also abort their travel.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:
- Fixed an issue with inventory filters that would result in pilot/commander filters using None to return nothing.
- Fixed an issue with inventory filters when filtering by certain entity classes that would result in erroneous results.
- Fixed an issue with the city designer that would cause an error if it was provided a url encoded string (browser related issue).
- Fixed an issue with bandit combat that would cause bandits to dual wield weapons that were not compatible or dual-wieldable.
- Fixed an issue with arrest/execture that would prevent players from being able to execute or release their prisoners.
- Fixed an issue with reassigning entities to the same person that would cause the entity's party to dissolve and for travel to start.

In order to provide a better experience and in preperation of combat, we have modified the way that NPCs in parties operate, in essense, an NPC that is in a party does not have it's own location but shares the location of it's leader. This will cause some issues with the location filters, which we will hopefully resolve soon, but it will also provide the performance enhancements we need to allow for squad vs squad combat.

Another side effect of this update relates to the re-assigning of parties entities. Due to the fact that we now manage travel based on the leader only, removing something from a party will force it to stop travelling with that party, essentially aborting travel. As a consequence of this, unassigning entities will now also force them abort travel.

Edit D305 14:03:
To dispel any confusion, due to the additional privilege, I have had to reset the privileges of faction leaders and second-in-commands, which has as a result, apparently spammed any faction with a second-in-command to say that they have been re-assigned as second-in-command. This is nothing to be concerned about.

(Edited by Zhao Yun on Year 13 Day 351)