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(Posted by Gav on Year 13 Day 356 17:45)

A bump to mention dissolution is on, and actually working now. All timers have been set to 0, and you now have just under 14 days to correct issues.

Faction Dissolution Timers have been re-enabled.
- You have 14 days to get your factions up to scratch.
- Bankruptcy is dissolution at 17:00 CGT each day
- Govs have 24 days to get above the member count.

Undocking in hyper has been released
- You suffer the loss of your hyperdrive. The container entity will keep on travelling at hyperspeed
- Chance of the normal damage penalty

You can travel upwards through shields.

Minor bugfixes and rules changes.

New bugs can be placed into the bugbase  

(Edited by Gav on Year 13 Day 361)