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(Posted by Gav on Year 13 Day 359 16:23)

Hi. I am Gav. I do make mistakes.

After talking to a few people, and rereviewing evidence. I have unbanned the player. I misinterpreted evidence, and no actual harm has been caused.

My statement remains true however. Tracking a player with the incorrect stuff is bad.

Love, Gav.

PS: My relevant link still stands.


Using an item (A piece of armour in this case) to track a player is bad. Very bad. Expecially when you name it "Player Name Tracking Device"

It is this reason that I've banned Kai Niloc for 6 weeks.

It's bad. Very, very bad.

Relevant link showing a video stream of kittens.


(Edited by Gav on Year 13 Day 359)

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