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(Posted by Ellias Aubec on Year 13 Day 361 3:41)

Edit [Y13 D360 - 09:40]
Custom NPCs can now be submitted again. We've synced across the changes.

With this sync, some bugs have been fixed. And all dropped characters are now Lost Souls.

This is to fix some issues, and made my life easier when I fixed the tool >_>

I've been informed that the issue with existing Custom NPCs showing up on the accept/decline tool has been fixed, and will be synced over with the next sync. I have also been informed that accepting/declining any such existing NPCs sholudn't cause any issues, bar getting an event about the fact - just ignore this. Feel free to resubmit custom NPCs again.

Edit: Wait until the next sync digest (Or I edit this post). We have a lot of random ones to delete, and the tool technically isn't fixed yet.


(Edited by Gav on Year 13 Day 361)