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(Posted by Jesfa on Year 14 Day 1 22:22)




Ladies and gents, after a year or so of tweaks on stats/bandit code/combat functions, I'm happy to say we're ready to release Combat Beta (ComBeta).  All players and governments are welcome to join the various admins fighting tooth and nail in Derra where Party vs Party PVP has been enabled.  Similar to Bandit combat, you for testing purposes are not able to die.  Your NPCs, have not drunk the same invulnerability potion as you however, and may still be killed.  In addition, creatures and bandits in system have had aggression implemented, and will no longer stand there, lambs to the slaughter.  In addition to that addition, ground travel has been disabled for ships, once you land you are thereby inable to fly around the ground without re-ascending.  These features are currently only available in said system.


Come packing heat and don't forget the band-aids.  Have fun!



EDIT:  Questions, Comments, Concerns: http://www.swcombine.com/forum/thread.php?thread=58106&page=0

EDIT:  Since I've gotten lots of questions about it.  No, you cannot arrest, nor be arrested.  Darkness is the owner, and we will not be granting a/e privs. I'll be adding a city to the system for Starporting in, as well as sufficient facilities to hire more troops if/when yours are killed.


Necro Edit: As I previously mentioned, Darkness will not be allowing people to A/E in Derra.  In addition to this, players are warned that Derra is a combat testing site, not a place to attempt to trick players into going positions that allow them to be arrested.  The system is an open invitation for all to come and have fun safetly while testing how the initial drafts of combat will work, not an opportunity to capture an enemy.  Shoot him in the head with a sniper rifle? Sure.  Arrest him? No.

We'll make an update warning everyone if/when this changes, but for the time being... Play nice.  

(Edited by Jesfa on Year 14 Day 44)