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(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 14 Day 7 20:28)



So as of right now I have been let back into the fold and am once again made an admin of the game. Some of you might be going who is this guy. Well it is quite simple I was here and then I left. I was busy cleaning one day and poked my head back into the game and before I knew it I was caught and brought back into playing the game. While playing I did what everyone should strive to do in my position, read.

I will mostly be helping out Zhao with coding things and taking the database management responsibilities from him, to help ease the burden.

Now for those that remeber I am the cute and cuddly bunny, that has a minor obsession with bunnies. I also have another part of my personality I think it is just as adorable personally. You all decide for yourselves.


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