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(Posted by Zhao Yun on Year 14 Day 9 22:22)

Howdy Gents! Some random but essential updates this time!

Planet Deposits can now be exported as XML from the Prospecting Interface and Planet Inventory.
- Quest System completed, allowing for quests to be added to the game.
- Updated Achievement System to allow for more dynamic and interesting achievements.
- Race Rules Page: Link for each race, specific on Holocron. (Dev Suggestion)
- Achievements onto Members Menu.
- International Page moved onto the Guide Wiki (Bug 1533)
- Addition of Creature Specimens. (For Rochi)
- Adding Test Character Creation into Respawn period - Fixing (Bug 2221)
- Images can now be reset (Bug 2508) and (Bug 2649)
- Bulk NPC Board command will only load 100 instead of 101 (Bug 2662)
- Fixed Squad bugs causing Squads to stop Patrolling or Guarding under certain conditions.
- Various Combat related bug fixes and changes

Rules Page Updates
- Ground Combat
- Character Creation
- Movement
- Medical (Bug 2339)
- Arrest and Execute

EDIT: Achievements have been handed back out and are now attainable again.  

(Edited by Zhao Yun on Year 14 Day 10)