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(Posted by Gav on Year 14 Day 24 15:57)

A quick sync before Christmas Day. This isn't everything, only the stuff that other devs put on the status reports. Happy Holidays Everyone! :)

- Creature Rules Page have undergone a massive overhaul.

- Hails are now both Cockpit and Combat events. (Suggestion)
- Added "Link" to the link html help panel to the side of the forums.

Bugs - Issued privs to character are now also a General Event (Bug 2695)
- Rules links to Stations fixed (Bug 2694)
- Changed credit amounts to be abbreviated after 1 billion has been reached. (Bug 2674)
- Creatures now get the death mask when dead (Bug 2633)
- The X number now works when clicking on the map in facility request. (Bug 2691)
- Trying to enter the cockpit of an NPC piloted ship will now prevent you from going further and throw and error telling you so. (Bug 2698)
- GNS Contribute to Author (Bug 2702)

- Rule 16 added to the Custom Art Rules

- 008 Heavy Landspeeder
- Boma Beast
- Hawkbat
- Shipyard IV
- Shipyard I
- Tauntaun
- GR-75 Medium Transport
- Bantha  

(Edited by Gav on Year 14 Day 24)

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