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In addition to the newest update to revamp the creatures page, creatures now have new stats to place them more in line with canon and gameplay stats.   There's a handful of creatures with new images, new trophies, and a whole new set of creatures to fight and try and capture.


As those who are on Derra can attest to, Creature Aggression is in fact turned on meaning they will attack you when you get within their range.  The current "aggression" stat, will likely be removed or tweaked in some way, however, the simple explanation is that a creatures aggression is based on it's perception stat.  If you enter it's perception range, it's going to defend itself, violently.  Aggression is still only implemented on Derra.


Thanks go out to Kyle, the art team, Gav and especially Rochi for the work on the pages/images/trophies.  Expect more uploaded images, new creatures, and stat tweaks as time goes on.  And remember...Gotta Catch'em All! >_>


Edit: Gasp! Looks like we had a stragler, we've got one more critter for you folks. We'll fix the images on the other six ASAP.  

(Edited by Kelmanis Vaan on Year 14 Day 26)