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I haven't slept in like...2 days.  So this is going to be short and sweet!


In addition to the new races, we're offering a ONE TIME galaxy wide race swap.  You can change from whatever you are now, into any race currently in the combine.  This offer will only be valid until Year 14 Day 55 at 17:00.  Additionally, any new race found, will have a 30 day countdown, allowing players to change to those as well, if they're found at a later date.  IE: I'm a human, and become a Squib.  3 Months from now the Yodas are found, and made playable.  A 30 day countdown timer will begin allowing you to change to that newly found race only.


Changing your race is PERMANENT.  There is a multitude of confirm screens, so if you somehow accidentally click through them all, grats, you're stuck with whatever you got, we won't be fixing it or allowing another change.  Please carefully think about if you really want to change before doing so.  Changing to a different race will reset all skill points.


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever you celebrate, hope it's good.

Link To Race Swap

Anything related to the force is not touched. You will not reset in the force, nor will probability be rerolled.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 14 Day 27)