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(Posted by Elijah Shoryyhn on Year 14 Day 27 7:55)

Greetings All!

Reporting errors is a great way to increase the quality of the SWC experience for all of us. That is why I have updated both the Normal and Galaxy error reporting threads in the Descriptions Suggestions forum to have better instructions and clearer examples, including Combine Point (CP) reward levels which are based on the quality of the report. If you've made a post in either of these threads please take the time to edit it based on this new information as rewards will be applied immediately using the new scale. It only takes a moment to make a report and you're encouraged to do so for every error you identify. This is something everyone can do and it is a great way to earn CPs. As a reminder, these threads are only for descriptions and errors found anywhere else (rules pages, events, in-game actions) need to be reported in the Rules Updates forum.

As always, the SWC Descriptions Team is looking for volunteers. For details please send a Darkness Message (DM) to Elijah Shoryyhn or Vitruvius Bakara.

Have a Merry Christmas!