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(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 14 Day 30 17:33)

Sending requests to administrators to change your race will be declined, and if it is done by accident we will revert the changes. This is especially true if you are requesting to change to a race that is not accessible by the general public. Such requests might result in severe penalties. The only race change option is the way currently offered to everyone using the means Jesfa posted about earlier. The system that is available will allow you to do a one time change to any race that is accessible.

Next bit of news stop sending build requests for Derra, all requests to build in Derra System or on its planets will be declined, so please don't waste the effort to do it. Derra is being used for the ComBeta and we are not going to allow anyone to build something there. If we do change our minds on this we will likely post a sim news about it to let everyone know about it.

Also, no handle changes with race changes  

(Edited by Gav on Year 14 Day 31)