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(Posted by Arete on Year 14 Day 35 14:30)

In the interest of shopping opportunities for new players, we're willing to place a bunch more NPC shops in sectors.  If any faction leaders want an extra NPC shop or two placed in their sector(s) (depending on size of the sector I might allow one or two or so shops) then DM me (Arete) with a location (it has to be clear and I won't remove any existing facilites.  If you don't have space and want space, recycle something) and i'll place some shops.

I'm not gonna spam a bunch of shops, but know there is a suggestion about making NPC-shops buildable by faction and that might get implemented pretty soon.  So this won't be the only opportunity to get more shops in the galaxy.

Edit: For placement I need coordinates (galaxy/system/surface/ground), a Name for the shop, and the ID of the city it's going into. 

EditEdit: For clarification, this is not just for NPC cities, this is for your faction-owned cities.

EditEditEdit: Hello dot, this edit is for you.

EDIT: HEY PEOPLE.  If you are submitting for a shop I need the ID, as well as the coordinates of placement.  Let me repeat.  I NEED THE ID OF THE CITY.  

(Edited by Arete on Year 14 Day 36)