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(Posted by Gav on Year 14 Day 48 17:51)

With this sync, we have added a few things. Also, Custom NPC Requests are functional.

- Force levels have been adjusted upward. See the Force Rules for new exact numbers. Grand Master rank has been added at level 100.
- Force Speed now calculates distance properly
- Force Heal can now be used on remote squads.
- Force Heal now works on unconscious targets

- Grammar corrections in Cybernetics

- Governments don't repeat itself on faction join anymore (Bug 2744)
- All occurrences of dev.swcombine.com was changed to dev.swcombine.net (Bug 2756)
- Start City button disabled if you manage to get back to the city creation page unnaturally. (Bug 2609)
- Droids now get an overlay when they die (Bug 2778)
- Error checking for combat reports, no more negative numbers (Kyle Complaint)
- Items removed from crates retain the Quartermaster/Carrier of the crate they were removed from.
- Can't see Position Index when dead. (May have added into last digest).

- Added a new overlay for destroyed entities.

Edit [Y14 D49 18:40]
- XP awarded from mining has been altered.
- Force Crystal Crafting has been disabled.  

(Edited by Gav on Year 14 Day 49)