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(Posted by Kelmanis Vaan on Year 14 Day 51 18:07)

For anyone who hasn't changed race yet you still have five days left to change your race.  This is for changing to an existing race, if a new race is discovered you will have the opporunity to change to that later.  As new races are found you will have the opportunity to change to them too, though only as they are found.  Each new race gets a month timer once discovered.


As always, there are at least four confirm screens when changing your race.  Every race change is permanent and will not be undone.


Edit: As the link was lost, here is another one: http://www.swcombine.com/~sin/race.  Also the Santa quest will end the same day so hurry up and visit a PR, space colony, or luxury space colony to collect on that opportunity.  

(Edited by Kelmanis Vaan on Year 14 Day 51)