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(Posted by Syn on Year 14 Day 52 13:17)

All armour values have been increased (approximately doubled). This may be further adjusted as PVP testing continues.

The effectiveness of the Dodge skill has been slightly decreased. Previously a character with level 0 Dodge could sometimes dodge attacks from a player with maxed out Dexterity and Weapon Skill; this is no longer the case.

And a few adjustments still in progress:

NPC skills will be changing in the future (including currently existing NPCs). Currently, NPCs start with a full set of skills comparable to a player character, so riflemen have skill points in Space and R&D, etc. This will be adjusted so NPCs will only start with skills relevant to their NPC type. This will require substantial recoding, so an ETA on this change is not yet known.

At that time we also hope to have a system in place to allow for mass-allocating of NPC skill points, as the manual allocation currently is tedious and time consuming.