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(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 14 Day 53 21:04)

Everyone that is a medical faction or information faction that is. Now that I have dashed all your hopes onto the news. Cybernetic Datacards have been handed out tot he medical factions in preperation of the release of cybernetics. I need to update the rules one last time for those but we will require an actual item be produced and in the grubby paws / flippers/ hands / whatever you might have of the person to get them installed. The stats and names of some of the cybernetics have been finalized as well so please take a look.

In non cybernetic news. I have also given information factions the datapad datacard. The reasons for these are unknown to this bunny but the fish wanted it, and begged and pleaded and who am I to turn down such an adorable avatar. By no means is his avatar as adorable as mine though who can top a bunny I mean honestly.


Edit: Forgot to mention I also allowed medical factions to be able to produce the cybernetics

JesfaEdit:  Datapads are only produceable by the item factions.  

(Edited by Jesfa on Year 14 Day 53)