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(Posted by Zhao Yun on Year 14 Day 54 22:20)

- Added Party Slots, Allowing for varying Party Sizes depending on individual type party slot sizing. [Refer to Rules]
- Added the Squadron section to the Cockpit page to streamline Ship/Vehicle party management.
- Removed out-dated Set Controller mechanisms from the Inventory in favour of the new Squadron Interface. [See Above]
- Added the ability to party with different types of ships as long as the party slot size conditions are respected.

Bugs Fixes and Tweaks
- Added several new Ship Classes and sub-divided current Ship Type pool into these classes.
- Santa and all Quest NPCs now have god mode enabled. (BUG: 2781)
- When NPCs level up the event is now a NPC event rather than a XP event. (BUG: 2790)
- Added IRC Channels to Account Settings, and profiles.
- Fixed a bug allowed players to arrest entity out of someone's party/squad.
- Fixed a bug causing the party limit to break if you arrest someone while having  a full party. (BUG: 2597)
- Fixed a bug causing mines to grab NPCs or Droids from your party and toss them into the nether. (BUG: 2700)
- Fixed a bug causing NPCs and Characters to come up on the scanners twice when arrested. (BUG: 2626)
- Modified XP received from Mining to prevent a loophole resulting in large quantities of XP for little to no credit cost.
- Updated the Recycling Time rules to allow the EVS Construction Droid to recycle at the same rate as the Wrecker.
- Fixed a bug preventing Force Heal from being used on parties.

-Scanner rules updated to reflect how scanners currently work.

Remember: The Bug Base is the place to post any problems you encounter with Star Wars Combine.


Syn Edit: The Character Skills page and character skill mouseovers have been updated to reflect the new ship classes. Fighter/Freighter skills enhance your skill with Heavy Freighters, Light Freighters, Gunboats, and Fighters, and Capital Ship skills enhance your skill with Super Capitals, Capital Ships, Frigates, and Corvettes.  

(Edited by Syn on Year 14 Day 55)