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(Posted by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 14 Day 57 23:19)

- Added how many slots an entity uses on the squadron page.
- People will now get combat events when ships and stations they pilot are hailed.
- Added permalinking to forum posts (click on the post name) to simplify sharing

Bug Fixes and Tweaks
- Squadron Controls locked out if traveling (bug: 2807)
- More generalized combat text headers (bug: 2796)
- Can no longer access Faction or Inventory Events when Arrested
- A/E event is sent to the targets faction (BugID: 2809)
- Updated the stats of Double Bladed Lightsabers, Battle Axe, BD-1 Cutter, Combat Knife, CS-12 Stun Master, Force Pike, Gaderffii, and Whip.
- Improved forum banning mechanics

- To clarify, with the last sync (not this one), all current Lightsabers (and variants) in the game were converted to the Knight-level equivalent in preparation for the Lightsaber Quest. FS characters can reference the current discussion in the Force forum for more information.  

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 14 Day 57)