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(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 14 Day 69 12:59)

This was a big big change. So pay attention people.

 - You can no longer click on the ID of fired NPCs in the events. (Bug: 2805)
 - Ships and Vehicles no longer show in party screen (Bug: 2802)
 - Squad exploit fixed (Bug: 2841)
 - Doors dont disappear when you lock break them or abort the break process (Bug: 2794)
 - Disappearing NPCs when assigned to refinery. (Bug: 2628)

 - New Medical Icon

 - Removed the ability to see skill levels at confirmation of cybernetic operation.
 - Hails now say what was hailed.
 - Added ability to Leave Squadron
 - Fixed an error causing Raw Material locations to not display whilst inside a squaded entity.
 - From the Party Interface if you select more NPCs/Creatures/Droids than fit into a squad multiple squads are created.
 - Updated the error message for mining start when too few NPCs were found.

The Force
- Heal and Deflection now gives Force XP
- Deflection now costs FP to use

OMG Where is my Bank Dude?

We have merged banks, transportation, and smuggling factions into Trading Faction Types. We have given the Trading Faction the Drug DCs as well.

HP Eeek!

- Changes to the HP equation have been performed for Characters and NPCs, to reduce the power of the race multiplier and reduce the complexity of the calculation. Life and Death Rules have been updated to reflect this. Overall most characters will have lost HP almost proportionately, so if you had a large amount of HP before, it will still be comparatively high, unless you had very low Strength.
- Creatures HP was also changed and now increases by 10% of their HP per level. Life and Death Rules have been updated to reflect this.

Night of the Creature Attack

- We have modified the weapons of creatures to give them individual damage stats for each creature. Now most creatures also can deal damage. So no more beating up on my bunny-like friends and expecting to get away without a scratch or them wetting themselves at least!
- Creature Skills have also had a minor tweak to them as well.

I now bring you back to your regularly scheduled show. Next on the ban channel will Gav ban the next person or will Arete or Arjuna who knows but stick in to find out.


Gav Edit: Adding Force stuff in for Mikel.

Syn Edit: Fixed Kyle's typos and rephrased sections.

Syn Edit #2: Creature HP is experiencing some technical difficulties, remain calm while this is fixed and please try not to get your pets murdered in battle in the meantime.

Syn Edit #2a: Creature HP is fixed and updated to account for creature level.


(Edited by Syn on Year 14 Day 69)