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(Posted by Kyle Rainer on Year 14 Day 69 20:17)

We have discussed a lot since even before the release of the tax rules and have decided on this action. I will convert up to 5 Tax Planets per government into facility income planets. So the process will be as follows, government leaders send me a dm with the planetIDs and the city designer output you want it to be. Make sure to include roads and that it follows all of the normal rules.

Next I will review these entries. If it was not already a tax planet I will ignore that entry and you will lose that slot. If it was in progress I will review it however. Then I will determine how much RMs it took to build your existing and then how much your new design will take. If the new design is less than what you had I will communicate to you and will refund you that amount to your faction in a location of your choosing. If it is less than the old design then I will want to know where I can get that materials from.

Once reviewed and approved I will clean off the planet of any entities. Move them to 0,0 in the city if possible then firebomb all the facilities. It will be so much fun :). Then I will build the city according to your design that you provided. Then mass clone it to all of the other squares on the planet.

Obviously the sooner you get me the info the sooner I will review it. I am still working on the actual scripts so I likely won't start on any of the conversions until the weekend at the earliest.

Note: Anyone found trying to cheat this process will face my full wrath, and I might not be happy until I take everything from the offending faction and all of its NATs. You have been warned.