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(Posted by Syn on Year 14 Day 81 12:25)

- Restricted Facilities updated to reflect the mergers
- CP Exchange for images, faction was changed to faction DC to alleviate confusion. (Request by Jevon)
- Updated Movement Rules page to better identify the dangers of black holes.
- Removed references to skill level increases and incorrect armour values from all applicable Armour rules descriptions (no armour stats themselves were changed).

- Fatal Error on Locks (Bug: 2872)

- You can no longer submit a custom image for a faction DC unless you are a Leader or 2IC. Removed option completely.
- Changed "Pile Details" to "Entity Details" for the docked ships and vehicles view in the cockpit.
- Forum Bans can now be removed by the Forum Admin panel.
- "Board Bans" implemented for Forum Admins - Accessible via the Forum Admin page.
- Updated the Combat Message so a Rancor should no longer say it is using its rancor to attack with.
- Allow the Armour Rating to show on the Fitout now.
- Bantha damage output reduced; due to an error it was doing 3x as much damage as it should have been.
- Downvotes enabled for forum posts.

HP Equation
- HP equation slightly updated so that level 1 players will see an effect from Race Multiplier as well. This should provide a small one-time boost to the HP of everyone with a Race Multiplier higher than 1.0. This update will be manually applied later today to players and NPCs (or will update automatically for players/NPCs that level before then).  

(Edited by Syn on Year 14 Day 81)