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(Posted by Syn on Year 14 Day 83 20:42)


Trophies that drop from creatures can now be sold to the Galactic Market by visiting a Commerce Centre or Trading Station with market access. They have as such been marked as fully implemented on the Trophy Rules. On that same page, the Raw Material value listed for each trophy reflects the amount of credits you will receive by selling it to the market. If possible, you may see a future update enabling the ability to sell trophies at NPC shops as well.

Trophies sold to the Marketplace will not be listed for resale and will instead be deleted upon sale.

- Second In Command added to Faction Info pages.
- Players who have recreated will no longer get purged for inactivity if they have not leveled up.
- Added a summary view for credit transactions on player and faction Transaction Sheets.
- New up/downvoting sprites from the Art Team.

- Removed the "rename" from the actions list of all "Manage *" pages so that entities can no longer be renamed by Manager/Commander via the dropdown. (bug: 2924)
- Fixed Avatar/Signature Removal admin tool  

(Edited by Syn on Year 14 Day 83)