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(Posted by Arete on Year 14 Day 88 14:19)

A friendly reminder for all the people submitting support tickets:  Tickets will get taken care of more quickly if you, the players, take a few minutes to help us do our jobs!


When submitting a multi-account registration or check, provide the Handles for each account!

When submitting for 'unplaced' entities or entities needing manual teleportation, provide the list of entities by ID separated by semi-colons (;) and no spaces and segmented by type and the location coordinates for their placement!

Suggestions belong in the suggestion forum!

Error messages belong in the bugbase (bugs.swcombine.com)!

If you're stuck in a ship, try IC means first!

Personal disagreements should stay personal.  Admins are not babysitters.  If you have a true case of harassment, then please notify us, otherwise, name-calling is just name-calling and that's not our problem!

Edit: Also, if your issue is resolved, please try and close your ticket or update your ticket to mention that your issue has been resolved.


Thanks for making your support base an efficient and supportive place!



Arete, ASim  

(Edited by Arete on Year 14 Day 89)