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(Posted by Kendall Holm on Year 14 Day 121 16:12)

- Search function added to the faction protect/unprotect page (Request by Kyle and Gav)
- Creatures rules page now shows all available public custom images associated with the creature (Request by Syn)

- Commanders were not allowed to reset images (bug:2983)
- Combat Reports now say who killed a droid (bug: 2918)
- Mining Event now shows the actual cost of mining instead of a false discounted value (bug:2942)
- Mining resume and pause has been fixed (bug: 2949)
- Income for trade facils should now be calculated (bug: 2952)
- Faction list and drop-down list now sort alphabetically the correct way (bug:2961)
- Click Renaming Fixed (bug: 2940)
- Change faction leader now actually has code to do so (reported on IRC)
- Fixed bug where factions were pausing or aborting construction on other factions facilities because they were manager (bug: 2992)
- CombineException regarding the need to leave the squadron is no longer logged in the ErrorLog (Commit: 26980)

- Art Approval Tool Tweaks (Request by Jevon)
- Factions no longer receive a "Cannot build city because of an already present" event (Suggestion)
- Raw Materials Inventory view now has a Sell to Market option.

- Minor grammar corrections to the Arrest/Execute rules.
- Mining rules changes (minor)
- Life and Death rules updated to reflect recruitment liason is not 3IC.

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