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I know I am a bit behind, with this update as well as with passing out CPs, but as I will be away for 11 days, I wanted to get this out now.

The Holocron passed its 2nd Birthday in late February, and I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed. The Holocron has as of now more than 2000 articles on all things you can find in the SWC universe, from A-24 Sleuth to Zerk (Okay, there is also Zraii Rotre, but that's really just a stub, hardly worth your attention.)

A total of 503 people have helped with the Holocron so far and were awarded a total of 1,075,650 CP for their contributions: Writing articles, doing research, correcting mistakes, uploading pictures, adding links and helping other team members. If you are not one of them yet, you should consider making an account on the Holocron. I am sure there is some detail on our universe - be it important or obscure, funny or strange, helpful or just trivia - that YOU are the xpert for. So please join us.