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(Posted by Arete on Year 14 Day 138 22:02)

The last round of CP ships is now off! Do you know what this means...? No more CP ships ever again! ...just kidding. New round comes out NOW!

GavEdit [D144 06:35]: In my awesomeness, I've fixed the problems with the CP ships. (Along with assistance from Jesfa I guess). Enjoy! Also, thanks to the Art Team for creating the always fantastic images for them!


  • Room Maps will be completed in due course, until then; basic single rooms have been added.
  • Landing Capability will be added once Selatos or Zhao sync a tool across from Dev.
  • Further Issues with the ships can be sent to either myself or Jesfa.


AreteEdit [D144 09:12:25]:

Many things are off and this is mostly in part due to the way our tool is coded for inputing which is confusing and hard to use.


JesfaEdit: All ship stats should be more or less accurate in terms of stats and costs.  Only thing unfinished is the roommaps which currently use a 1 room map.

Per the Veltraa:  The ship is technically called an Interdictor- Class Cruiser, but this is a variant model.  Both this and the Interdiction version will be R&Dable.

There may be slight changes, but hopefully not.

(Edited by Jesfa on Year 14 Day 145)