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(Posted by Veynom on Year 14 Day 140 8:44)

The Star Wars Combine will be present at at Star Wars Celebration Europe.(July 26-28, 2013 - Essen, Germany). Indeed, Lucasfilm just confirmed that the Star Wars Combine will get both a panel and a table during the convention.

Since over a decade now, SWC has been present to a multitude of conventions. This year, we will also be present at this major Star Wars event. In order to ensure a continuous strong presence at the table, we are calling for volunteers to help us in manning the table. If you are available on these dates, willing to attend the event, and interested in helping the SWC team then please send a mail to pr@swcombine.com stating your handle, availabilities on those days (number of hours you would be ready to help at the table, if you would be ready to distribute SWC flyers, whatever...) and anything. Jennifer Dreighton will contact you back when she will be back to coordinate with you.

Looking forward for this. Stay tuned for more news.