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(Posted by Jesfa on Year 14 Day 146 1:01)

Those of you that spawned CP ships during the very brief moment when they were 1 CP a piece, you have 72 hours to send them to my account - Jesfa . 

Any not sent by then, and I see that you've been online/checked the Sim News, I'll be taking an asset in penalty as well. 


I can/will check accounts, if they're not sent to me, and by some majick, they sneak past, I'll be even LESS happy, when I have to deal with this at a later date (IE: Bans/Harsher penalties). 

You've been warned.


EDIT:  If you've sold/traded away one of these ill-gotten goods, I suggest you inform the buyer of your shameful actions, and get them back.

GavEDIT: [09:44:18] <&Jesfa{NotHappy}> Anyone who doesn't turn them in, in 3 days, I'm banning for a month. 

We know who you are.  

(Edited by Gav on Year 14 Day 146)