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(Posted by Gav on Year 14 Day 146 15:48)

Day 159 - 04:09 --

Hello. We received a large amount of responses to this competition (350 in fact!). We need a bit of time to go through these, and bear in mind I do have RL commitments and college work to focus on too.
Love, Gav.

In light of the new CP ships, and my.. creativity that went into the room designs last year, Arete and I have decided to run a small competition

. There are a few conditions.

  1. Each player may submit an entry once, for a each CP Ship Type.
  2. Submissions may be collaborated; but CP rewards will be shared between the participants. 
  3. All submissions need to be emailed to gav@swcombine.com with the subject:
    CP Room Map Competition: [Handle] - [Ship Type]
  4. You need to take in account where the cockpit, enterance room,(docking bay/hangar where appropriate) are located, as well as stairs and room connections need to be detailed on.
  5. The staff will (at the deadline), take a few days to deliberate the entries, before making a set of polls where you can vote for your favourite room.

The deadline? Day 152 23:59 CGT 

You're now asking.. what do I win?! (These are done on a per entity basis.. so the rewarding is done per entity!)

First Place: 60,000CPs
Second Place: 40,000CPs
Third Place: 20,000CPs
Fourth Place: 10,000CPs

So yeah.. get designing those rooms! People get bored with single roomed capital ships >_>

Note: I don't expect entries for Fighters that look like they only need a cockpit/entrance room. Any questions; contact either Arete or myself via DM. Submissions via email (as detailed above) only.

Edit: Drawings of the room maps will do fine. MSPaint or similar, as long as we can see what it is!  

(Edited by Syn on Year 14 Day 160)