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(Posted by Gav on Year 14 Day 160 9:36)

Due to the high amount of handle change requests we have been receiving as of late; we feel it is needed to reiterate the rules slightly.

These are the rules taken from the handle changes tool, and these are the rules we will now be going by for handle changes.

If your handle meets one of the following criteria, your handle will meet the conditions that is required for a handle change.

Criteria for a valid handle change are:

  1. If handle has a inappropriate meaning in another language
  2. If handle is not a name (example: _avatar_ or Killer Raven)
  3. If handle does not have a last name (example: Quaxo or Anti-Tarkin)
  4. If handle does not start with a capital letter (example: falcon)
  5. If handle is the players real life name (example: Alex Smith)
  6. If handle is an improper name (contains titles, numbers or other abnormalities) (example: Lady Dyvel or Count Uebles)
  7. If handle is canon

The updated rules are on the dev server