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(Posted by Syn on Year 14 Day 176 8:45)

All changes since Day 122:

- Blocked the ability to swap out armour/weapons/items under a fire delay.
- Changed the cost of faction leader changes (40m for Govs, 15m for others)
- Asims and Admins can now see hidden cities via the galaxy rules (Request by Jesfa)
- All levels of Lightsabers can now have custom images applied.
- Construction image and code that handles the overlay re-coded (Request by Jevon)

- Fixed the function that handles the allow commander or pilot check (Numerous bugs)
- Elevated apply custom images to makeover as it should be (Jevon)
- Fixed Exploit where Shop List was showing the location of hidden systems (Jesfa)
- Special Character checks now performed at the time of city creation vs at the end (BUG: 3059)
- Fixed inventory issue where location was crashing the page (BUGS: 3069, 2935, 2958, 2926, 2966, 2984, 2986, 3020, 3039, 3043, 2976, 3051)
- Added disclaimer to the assign skills link found on the experience sheet (BUG: 3073)
- People no longer get nose bleed amounts of XP for production (BUG: 2611)
- Repair turned off as it should be (BUG:3086)
- Event messages for privileges were made neuter (BUG: 3033)
- Faction event for issuing a death warrant (BUG:3101)
- Dead link on rules pages (BugID 3052)
- Some bug (BugID 3031)
- Fixed "Disabled/Enabled" business in the code, referencing from SWCContext.

- Removed the redundant Board button when room traveling.
- Removed drag and drop for the filters modal window so to allow users with mobile devices to scroll through overflow lists.
- Changed the wording of the door failure event so that it doesn't call every door a blast door.
- Join requests can now be viewed with no HQ but you will not be able to Accept them
- Safes can now be equipped to utility slots, so the NPC owned safes can be claimed with high enough strength.
- Skill description for "Perception" updated to more accurately reflect its current implementation.
- Minor CTool updates (Gav/Jesfa)
- Updated the Inventory Code to block players ability to send stuff to Darkness. (Gav)
- Updated City Creation Code to block players from sending city requests for Darkness owned planets. (Gav)
- Removed Infofield 1 from being displayed on random inventory events and random GNS Flashnews. (Suggestion)
- Updated Handle Tools to flag to the join team multiple handle requests from single IPs. (Syn)
- Forum Editing goes to edited post rather than original post (Suggestion)
- Added the ability for players to remove their handle request from the system. (Suggestion)

- Scanners Legend key updated.
- Added some rules for the special HQs to the faction HQ rule section.
- No Animals rule added to custom items. (Jevon)
- Handle Changes: rules added and modified (Character Creation: Handle Changes) (Gav)