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(Posted by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 14 Day 239 11:38)

I am already at Essen, checked out our table, hopefully found some fixes for last minute problems (table we got is smaller than the banner I intended to stick to it - oooops!), cheered to some 501st guys (they already flocked here in large numbers, tried to coerce from the Lego guys and girls, if there will be exclusives (without luck, I will have to work on my interrogation technique) - and now it is just one night's sleep until Star Wars Celebration Europe II (accidently shortened to SWC) will officially start. They still have tickets at the door, so it is not too late to make up your mind. What I saw so far looks quiet good, with many more props and much more room for fanclubs than they had at Celebration Europe I. If you happen to be at SWC, don't miss the SWC table in Hall 5.