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(Posted by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 14 Day 272 23:06)

Dragon Con is just two days away! The bad news is that we will not have a table, we just didn't have enough volunteers this year. So if you want to meet other Combiners you will have to come to either the meeting on Thursday evening or to the panel on Friday.

- Meeting on Thursday evening: Meeting point is in the lobby of the Marriott, ground level, near the front entrance, at 7 pm. We intend to have dinner together later.

- Panel will be held in the MMO track on Friday, 7 pm as well, with possibly another group meeting right after the panel.

Edit: You can still catch us later on Friday at the brewery (Max Lager) at 8.30.

Edit II: Meeting point for Saturday is in the food court, at the CVS/Pharmacy at 5 pm. I think most of us have Vee's "Star Wars Combine" ribbons for the con badge by now, it may help to spot us.

Edit IIIa: Meeting on Sunday, NOT same time, BUT same place as Saturday. New time: 11.30 am, NOT 5 pm. My mistake.  

(Edited by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 14 Day 276)