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(Posted by Arjuna on Year 14 Day 322 20:41)

Edit: Year 14 Day 325

Thank you for all those who applied, my email has been pleasently beeping at me all hours of the day and night. We'll be reviewing candidates and be getting back to applicants over the next few days.



With the need for more members of the administrative team, we're once again looking to the players to find new Assistants to help with the day to day work of keeping the combine "functional" ( >_> ).

Job description: Assisting and resolving players problems requiring manual help, using admin tools. Must be knowledgeable about the Combine and how it works. Willing to set aside previous IC relations, and be willing to take strong player criticisms.  Specifically would be working with; Ticketing system, join applications, multi-accounts, #swc-help, and player assistance.  This position will require you to drop your character, and remove yourself from the IC universe.

If interested, please email to Arjuna@swcombine.com and include the answers to the following questions:

Combine Questions

1. How long have you been with the Combine?
2. What is your Combine handle?
3. What have you done IC so far? What are you doing at the moment? What is your position in your faction?
4. Did you complete any tasks for your faction that could qualify you for the programmer team? like doing a website, setting up a member's DB or anything like this?
5. Could you name two people that have been in the Combine for at least two years who worked with you and may be willing to give a testimonial for you?
6. Why do you want to help us?
7. What do you think you can bring to the team?
8. Are you involved in any other online games, or RPGs of a similar nature? If so, please specify your position in them.

Real Life

1. Where do you live?
2. How old are you?
3. What do you do IRL?
4. How much time can you spend on the Combine in general and helping in particular?
5. Were you involved in any projects that would qualify you for the position?

Feel free to email/DM any questions.   

(Edited by Arjuna on Year 14 Day 326)