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(Posted by Gav on Year 14 Day 335 16:53)

New Entities
- Mace (Non Projectile) added to NPC shop

- ASIM or higher is now able to click and view any city from the galaxy map (Request by Jesfa)
- Ship inventory now has an Icon for modded ships
- Merchant Space Dock Head-quarters now available
- Races with no homeworld (Eg. Ryn) can spawn at any NPC starport.
- "List All Bans" for admins with access to the Ban Hammer.
- Add all faction HQs to the NPC transport network (Suggestion)
- Admins can now reset skills for players right up until they hit level 3.
- Cybernetic Operations can now be conducted on entities with a medical room, although ships and vehicles cannot be moving.

- Market now shows bids (BUG: 3117)
- People with the City Requests priv can now see the actual request.
- Requests for Cities event now only shows for people with the right priv.
- Scanner images fixed (BUG: 3182)
- Fixed Weapons Admin CTool when adding weapons to an entity
- Removed Protected Entities from the select starting capital, when creating a faction (BUG: 3129)
- Issue with CPs (BugID: 2734)
- Can add ship to squad during sublight travel (BugID: 3121)
- SWC Member Map page is bugged (BugID: 2988)
- GRZ-6B Wrecker able to be moved after starting recylcing while squaded (BugID: 2972)
- Set Inactivity Period button avaible when the proper privs are not (BugID: 2914)
- Deleted DMs still appear in the history of messages exchanged (BugID: 2540)
- GNS fee transactions (BugID: 3130)
- The ability to steal ships, and likely vehicles, through the new squadron interface. (BugID: 3140)
- When clicking on the Combine Membermap, it takes me to the page to change or remove my location. (BugID: 3023)
- Admin Event for removal from Team (Dreighton)
- All members see market purchase events, regardless of privs (BugID: 3216)
- Dropped Characters now drop all items being carried (BugID: 3219)
- Repackaging Bacta Tanks deletes/kills entities inside. (BugID: 3158)
- Issue with long users names covering menu-switcher fixed. Removed Logged in as handle. (BugID: 3139)
-Added a space between "Passenger in:" and the name of the entity in inventory
-Fixed error messages for trying to perform other actions while deploying a weapon (BugID: 3197)

- Planet Economy Rules update
- Facility Rules Update
- No Armor added to the custom items rules (request by Jevon)
- Comission changed to commission in mining events.
- Minor restricted facility rules update
- Updates to medicine
- Updates to facility construction rules.
- FI rules updated
- Faction Bankruptcy rules updated
- Character Creation Skill points re-clarified
- HQ rules updated
- Life and Death (What Happens with your Assets) (Gav/Jesfa/Arete)
- Cybernetic Rules for Medicae's

- Squadron number now shows in the cockpit of a squadded ship
- Order of owner reversed on the facility construction page.
- You can no longer sell anything bought at an NPC shop to the NPC market.
- Assign Skill-point page has a column renamed.
- Live Chat: "SWC_Member" now has a random number following it; player defined channels are also listed on if no faction channel is specified;
- Players with no characters linked to their account can only post in the Question Centre. (Syn)
- IP Banning. (Syn)
- Creatures cannot be loaded into bacta tanks.
- Admin Sidebar Update
- ctool updates
- Forum voting removed from Traders Lounge
- You can now sort creatures by XP. Suggestion: (Link)
-Deflection will now only give FXP when it has fully run and the cooldown timer starts.
-Force Speed will now grant 5*Distance FXP to the Jedi ((note: need to add to Rules))

- Tierell Moon 1 (ID#4784) renamed to Stars End
- Tierell Moon 2 (ID#4875) renamed to Sutym


(Edit Dreighton: Some people contacted me to ask, why I was removed from the admin team. I suppose the wording of the sync digest is to blame. "Admin Event for removal from Team (Dreighton)" means we now have an event for admins and assistants, if someone is removed from any team, and I requested this to be added. So I am still on the admin team, alive and well. Thanks for everyone who cared enough to ask me what happened.)  

(Edited by Jennifer Dreighton on Year 14 Day 336)