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(Posted by Arete on Year 14 Day 349 14:09)

The White Scenario team is looking for new moderators and trainers!

To those of you who would like to see more roleplaying in the Combine and less godmoding in the Meeting Hall, now's your chance! If you have a lot of RP experience, enjoy reading other people's creative writing, and/or know how to earn over 100 XP for a post that isn't your first in a scenario, then we could probably use your help. At this time, we need both WS Moderators and Trainers:

- WS Moderators score the posts in scenarios; awarding XP for players and CPs for GMs.

- WS Trainers take new roleplayers through a ten part training curriculum to prepare them for Meeting Hall and White Scenario roleplay. We have recently moved our training forum to the RPG Centre, with hopes of eventually running scenarios there, but we desperately need more staff to meet the demand.

These positions are awarded a generous salary of CPs every month for time spent reading and evaluating the posts of other Combine players. Prior participation in at least one White Scenario (WS) is strongly recommended, but not required to apply.

Please visit the Moderator / Trainer Sign-Up thread for a full list of requirements and application details.

(Not sure what a White Scenario even is? Check out Legend, the most recent scenario to reach completion.)


~On behalf of the WS team.


Arete's P.S.: This is also the place to go for those of you I have/will banned from the IC forums and directed towards the WS pre-scenario training.  

(Edited by Arete on Year 14 Day 349)