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(Posted by ghost on Year 14 Day 350 12:07)

As you should all be aware, we mandate that all players in this game limit themselves to a single account. However, we are aware of the fact that things sometimes happen, such as people losing access to their account, or not being totally familiar with the rules.. As such, we are offering any holder of a multi-account to come forward now, and be provided with amnesty. Any player who currently has a multi-account (whether created accidently, or purposely), will be given the next two weeks to create a support ticket, outlining their illegal multis, and which account they wish to keep. The other accounts will then be banned and their assets seized.

Please Note: This amnesty assumes that your assets are now frozen on your illegal accounts. Anyone caught trying to move assets off of these accounts before or after coming forward will lose all the assets moved, and will be fined a sum to be determined on a case by case basis.

I would also advise that any player currently sharing a connection with another player, register their status through the support base, to avoid unwanted attention.  

(Edited by Zhao Yun on Year 14 Day 353)