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(Posted by ghost on Year 14 Day 353 21:45)

Today I went on a sacrifice Spree.  I dont know it it was for good luck for the football games tomorrow or just because I was in a mood, but I did.  Then I had a change of heart

After banning 5 separate groups for being unregistered, I decided that there may be a better way.   I dont like banning people.  I took this job to help people, not put them down.  As Such, I WANT you to turn yourself in. Ask around.  People who have come to me with unregistered multis or multiple accounts that are no longer in use have found my handling of it to be quite nice. 

So heres the Deal.  If you have an unregistered multi, please come to myself or Erek.  We will grant a amnesty period of 30 days from today.  In that time, there will be no banning for being unregistered.  We will issue warnings and get people signed up.  After that period, we will likely grant a 7 day ban on first offense.  Please make my life easier and your life happier and get registered.

Banning is something we want to save as last resort, not just something we use randomly to keep people in check.  Thanks for your time and consideration.  Back to the game!

... in the meantime... I will try to convince erek to keep his ban hammer in his toolbelt...