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(Posted by ghost on Year 14 Day 361 19:11)
I can say many of you have come forward during the past week and asked for assistance with multi accounts. This is what we are here for, and I am happy to assist all of you. Thank you for helping make my life easier and following the rules.

Sadly, not everyone comes forward and comes clean. The following is a tale of Asset Laundering, which is something many people, sadly, seem to want to do or try to get away with.

Year 14 Day 360, 19:02 ghost banned player Gabriel Katakura providing the following reason: Asset laundering - 7 Days

Year 14 Day 360, 19:00 ghost banned player Jakov Halvorsson providing the following reason: Multi Ban - 1 Month

Year 14 Day 360, 18:55 ghost banned player Gabriel Prudii providing the following reason: Multi Ban - Permanent

Remember, a new character is just that, a new character. It represents a different person and it is illegal to send your assets to another to give them back to you later. If you desire your assets back, you have to earn them and at 'fair market value'. You cannot work for someone for a month and get paid in a capital ship. Please keep the game fair for those who follow the rules and fight hard for their assets.

Gabriel can contact support in a week to get unbanned. Jakov can contact us in a month. His punishment is higher as he not only laundered assets, but also created another account to bypass the timer. The assets that were laundered will be sacrificed to the Nautolan Gods and will not be returned.