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(Posted by ghost on Year 15 Day 7 9:57)

It has come to our attention that the new faction Hq 'Merchant Space Dock' are being taken out of factions and owned for private use. There is a bug with the system where the HQ does not autoprotect allowing the station to be made over. Please do not do this. The stations are meant to be only owned by factions and serve as their Hq.

For those who privately own a MSD, I will be contacting you about resolving the situation. Thank you and sorry for the confusion.

EDIT Year 15 Day 6: I am aware that some of you were able to build these outside of a faction. This is also an error and we ask you, if you can do it, to please not. Hopefully we will get that bug straightened out in time.

Arjuna Edit: Year 15 Day 232 Merchant Space Docks are still not to be taken out of factions. The code normally should prevent this but some of you seem to have found a workaround. If they end up in the inventory of characters it is via a bug. If I find them, they will get sent to Darkness and made NPC owned  

(Edited by Arjuna on Year 15 Day 233)