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(Posted by Erek on Year 15 Day 14 23:27)

This post marks the end of MultiAccount Amnesty Month, a month I spent floating through the galaxy marking down those practically shouting their guilt from their respective mountaintops. The following persons are now subject to the combined wrath of myself and Ghost: 

Banned and Name change [14 Days]

Terek Flask

Altir Adutorie

Banned [14 Days]

Turan Pavlon

Rila Panoz

Banned [21 Days]

Taz Mazima

Cazri Conner

Rayni Astarai

Rilz Razkar

Repermabanned [Handled]

Laras Winswald

Banned [14 Days]

Forge Vord

Damine Kongo

Banned [21 Days]

Kongo Orikan

Que Orikan

Otto Myers

Banned [14 Days]

Dikembe Mekkah

Titus Arcadia

Ban Extended (and under review regarding further punishment) [3 Months + ('Accounts'*7) Days]

Nial Sesba

Doln Korr

Sol Marzom

Nym Abo`gado

Rahm Kiber

Gnost Korban


   Note: There have been several occurences of accounts being quite obviously shared over the last few weeks. Those accounts should remember that this is breaking the rules and can be grounds for having multi-registrations nullified.   During our required respite, Ghost and I sparred:


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(Edited by Erek on Year 15 Day 14)